“Zig-zag” lennuvälja pikkendusjuhe

zigzagZig-zag extension system is designed to provide electrical power to parked aircraft. Extension is mounted near a parking position and extends toward the aircraft. Zig-zag system implements storage and protection of up to 250mm2 cable.

From the one end of the extension rack is fixed permanently, and the other side moves freely and can be equipped with four storage options:

1. Service unit with ladder
2. Service unit with cable box
3. Service unit with cable holder
4. Service unit with cable racks

Service conditions:

Ambient temperature ºС : from -40 to +40
Relative humidity at 20 ºС: 95%

Zig-zag weigh with 30 meters cable:

  • service unit with ladder:            900kg
  • service unit with cable box:       810kg
  • service unit with cable holder:   750kg
  • service unit with cable racks:     700kg

Main characteristics:

  • Sections open up to 270 degrees
  • Standard color – orange(RAL2004)
  • Moisture and ventilation removal system
  • Heavy duty design
  • Layout and later conversion possible
  • Installation of extension does not require special tools
  • Storage on the end of extension allows to store cables up to 20 m