Experimental equipments

Company TET ESTEL has a long experience  cooperation with scientific organization and contribution towards pilot projects.

We start the unique tasks and solve them jointly with our partners.


Development of high stable regulated supply source for new aluminum waste utilization  was the one of the developments of aluminum waste usage (jointly with innovation Estonian institute Pera Technology demand).

New technology is an economical and energy effective aluminum and its slag recovery (15% of aluminum content), namely electroslug  remelting with non-expendable electrode.


Advantages of given technology:

  • High percentage of material return is 99%
  • Generated secondary displacement (mixture of kryolyth and aluminum oxide) can be used in electrolysis of electrolytic process as raw material for primary aluminum reception. It essentially decreases the environment pollution and decreases the ecological efficiency and increases ecological efficiency of waste utilization due to non-waste production.

Special supply source was designed for this installation with 1% out current accuracy and 2% of power stabilization accuracy.