Powder glazing

Specialists of company TET ESTEL developed for powder glazing furnaces a powerful source, consisting of four rectifiers switching parallel to 50 kA line current and 150 V voltage.


Rectifiers operate on a round-the clock basis, as the powder glazing process requires prolong agglomeration. Change of several melting phases and modes occur during process.




Complete set:

  • four rectifiers
  • transformer
  • reactor equipment
  • cooling system
  • control system


Технические параметры:

Rated out current, kA 50
Rated out current of thyristor cabinet ШТ, kA 12.5
Rated out voltage, V 160
Rated out voltage of thyristor cabinet  ШТ, V 160
Out voltage variation range, % 0-100
Out current variation range, % 10-100
Current stabilization accuracy in steady conditions, % 1.5
Rated input voltage (phase) of power supply, V 155
Number of parallel connected thyristor cabinets ШТ, pcs 4
Supply voltage for auxiliaries, V 3 х 380 V, TN-C

(+10, -15 %)

Rated voltage frequency of power supply and auxiliaries supply voltage, Hz 50
Efficiency, minimum, % 99
Cooling Water