Oil & Gas

TET ESTEL high-voltage frequency converters (HVFC) can be effectively used in many equipment drivers and control systems, designed for oil and gas production and transportation. A wide range of used voltage allows to design the equipment according to selective customer needs.

TET ESTEL HVFC can also be used with existing working engines, significantly increasing their efficiency.

Used for the following types of equipment:

  • oil pumps
  • gas compressors
  • fans
  • pumping stations

HVFC features:

  • mechanisms soft start and stop
  • frequency / speed / power stepless adjustment
  • low impact on upstream current and an electric motor
  • energy efficiency (up to 97%)
  • full stop period warranty  – 10,000 hours (12 years) with minimal operating costs
  • suitable for all types of engines
  • no additional filters required