High voltage variable frequency electric drive Estel-Drive

TM-MVG2Electric motor power: 160-16 000 кW


Electric motor voltage: 690-11 000 V


Output frequency adjustment range: 0,1-72 Hz


Estel-Drive is a family of high voltage frequency converters (HVFC) for asynchronous and synchronous AC motors.

Estel-Drive frequency converters automatically maintain the operational parameters of machine assemblies at the required levels in accordance with the pre-set modes of operation of technological equipment, preventing the excessive power consumption from the supply network and reducing the losses in motors due to the decrease of their loads.

The HVFC Estel-Drive is made on the basis of IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistors) and meets the highest international standards as regards the harmonic distortions of current and voltage, both at the input and output of the frequency converter.

Main advantages:
Optimal price with the highest quality.
Approximately sinusoidal waveform of the output current; the power mains is not affected by higher harmonics.
The presence of a multiple-winding power transformer in the system allows the voltage conversion: the voltage can be 10 kV at the input and 6 kV at the output, or vice versa.
Enhanced reliability of operation through the function of automated bypass of a failed cell.
Functions of automated HVFC bypass.
Length of the cable to the connected motor is up to 1,000 m.
Built-in PID controller.
Possibility to synchronise the operation with ancillary equipment.
Integration in the ACS and enterprise monitoring system (SCADA), etc

Fields of application:

  • Power generation: fans, compressors, etc.
  • Metallurgy: purging pumps, furnace air blowers, etc.
  • Petrochemical and chemical industries: oil transfer pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Urban development: water supply pumps, air conditioning compressors, etc.
  • Pulp and paper industry: paper-making machines, production lines, boilers;
  • Hoisting and transport equipment: compressors, pumps, extrusion machines, mixing machines, rubber processing machines;
  • Coalmining industry: hoisting machines, pumps, fans, conveyors, baking and drying ovens;
  • Cement industry: cement kilns, mills, pumps.


Technical cgaracteristics:

Parameter Value
1. Range of the rated power of drive motors (kW) 250 ÷ 4000 kW
2. Input voltage of the power circuit (without the decrease of output characteristics) 3-phase, 6000 V, 10000 V ±10%
3. Input voltage of the power circuit (with the decrease of output characteristics) 3-phase, 6000 V, 10000 V +15%–30%
4. Power supply frequency 45 ÷ 55 Hz, (50 Hz  ±10% )
5. Frequency adjustment range 0 ÷ 120 Hz
6. Accuracy of frequency control ± 0,01 Hz
7. Acceleration / deceleration time From 10 to 3000 (adjustable parameter during operation)
8. Overload capacity 125% in 5 min
150% in 30 sek
9. Output voltage in the power circuit 3-phase  6000 V, 10000 V
10. Power factor 97% or more at rated speed
11. Analogue input/output at the customer’s request
12. Discrete signal input/output at the customer’s request
13. Data transfer protocols Modbus (RS485), (optionally ProfiBus, Ethernet, USB, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, etc. at the customer’s request)
14. Controls Industrial computer with a touchscreen
15. Degree of protection IP21 ÷ IP54
16. Cooling Forced air cooling with built-in fans
17. Operating temperature from -5°С to +40°С
18. Humidity, max from -40°С to +70°С
19. Altitude above sea level, max 90% (without condensation)
20. Installation not exceeding 1000 m


For more detailed information please contact via email: drive@tet-estel.com, or call +372-6228-325.