Forging and stamping billet heating units















Blank through heating is a fair widely-spread process in the production operations. Induction heaters TET ESTEL will successfully used in heating of:

  • cut-to-length sections for forging and forming
  • drill rods for upsetting
  • bolts for heading
  • rods for bearing rings cutting and forming
  • rings for rolling-off
  • and various processes of parts hardening, tempering and annealing as well


Thorough preliminary calculation of the process and digital heating control ensure the accurate adherence of preset temperatures and maximum energy efficiency. System modularity provides security, e.g., it can be modified in case of requirements variation and range changing became simpler

Main advantages  

  • High efficiency
  • Various types of blanks
  • Breaker excludes blank welding
  • Sorter preserve die orifices from overloads
  • High accuracy of heating
  • System АМНeliminate temperature variations
  • Automation simplifies its introduction and operation and quantity of maintenance personnel as well
  • Low costs
  • Quick starting
  • Quick change of blank dimensions

АМН technology

To achieve the high rates of heating, low percentage of defects and realization of operative efficiency variation up to intermittent stops (thermostatic control mode) the unique technology of adaptive multi-area heating (AMH) is used. AMH technology requires utilization at least of three heating areas and for this purpose a series of special multichannel induction generators has been designed.

Flexible forming of the device components

The equipment supplied has been designed from compatible modules. Each module is a complete unit specially designed for this usage. Full set of system – number and type of module – is determined depending on the assigned task and can be widened further with the use of extra modules, if required. Standard modules can be as follows: dump cradle, tank-collector, walking elevator, blank pile former and feed to inductor, blank ejector module from inductor, heating module (one or more), discharger-sorter (or sorter-wrecker). Cooling station and heater power supply unit are to be modules as well. They can form not only a system meeting the up to date requirements, but rearrange the heating line in future, replacing any modules with other ones (example, heater for other nomenclature), by removing or adding modules, if required. Application of the same modules-heaters allows to decrease their cost and widen the range of heater, making the best use of its power. Three or more modules permit to build system on the base of special AMH technology that is mostly applied in case of blanks seasonal fluctuations of temperature or line efficiency within one turn.

Standard solution

Company TET ESTEL is specialized in non-standard decisions developed on the Customer’s requirements. Basic installation can be considered to be as essential one. TET ESTEL integrated solution includes the up to date functions for this installation: full charging process from plant package (with dump cradle), walking elevator with the return of improper oriented blanks, pallet with controlled blank pusher, the rate of what is designed by frequency driver, blank injector for inductor release, three heating areas with advanced AMH system and progressive sorter-wrecker, solving the problem of blank baking in the inductor.

Company ESTEL has almost 50 years experience in development and manufacturing of generators for supplying of induction heating devices. New multichannel IGBT invertors are used in basic version.


Название Blank Productivity t/h Power, kWt Frequency, kHz АМН
Diameter  Length
Single Zone УИН-200 24-50 49-110 0,37 200 2,4
УИН-450 52-65 178-260 1,2 450 2,4
 УИН-700 65-90 112-278 1,7 700 2,4
Multi Zone УИН-620МА 30-65 40-400 1,3 650 2,4-4 3
УИН-1250МА 53-130 132-304 3,5 1250 1,0-2,4 3
УИН-1750МА 90-120 40-400 3,8 1750 1 3
УИН-1750МА 53-130 132-660 4,7 1750 1 4