Rectifier for DC electric arc furnaces (EAF)

arPower supply units of АР and АР-Э series are designed for automatic adjustment of metal remelting procedure in arc DC furnaces of open and vacuum types with capacitance to 30 Tons. Several versions of supply units of different power are manufactured depending on furnace capacitance.


Furnace capacitance is 0.16 to 30 t

Current is 1 to 54 kA

Current adjustment range is 10 to 100%

Current stabilization accuracy is 2 to 3 %


Modern constructions shall be manufactured on the basis of frameworks, permitting to solve ergonomics and aesthetics tasks.

Use of water cooling and powerful new thyristors permits to minimize the supply unit dimensions and floor space occupied.

Microprocessor control system is one of the advantages, that provides the following:

  • de-energized melting mode switching;
  • optimization of energy input to furnace;
  • учет активной и реактивной энергии и мощности;
  • diagnosis and testing of source status;
  • connection with APCS through interface RS-485.

Main functions of control system:

  • Automatic control of energy procedure mode (current stabilization under preset level);
  • Dynamic protection against current on-peak loads under unstable furnace operation mode (liquidation of operating к.з.);
  • Automatic mode of forced current oscillations of hearth electrodes (MFM mixing system) (for open type only);
  • Automatic current decrease in furnace on signal “Parasitic arc protection”;
  • Current control under automatic arc ignition;
  • Automatic electric mode switching (“Modes 1, 2, 3”) under command from furnace control panel from line RS-485 or local panel;
  • Limitation of level, effecting mains during dynamic loads in melting process.


Type Source power,
voltage, V
current, kA
range, %
preciseness, %
AP-200Э открытые 200 90-150 1,0-2,0 10-100 2…3
AP-840Э 840 140-420 2,0-6,0
AP-1000Э 1000 140-420 2,4-7,2
AP-2200Э 2200 180-480 4,5-12,0
AP-4300Э 4300 240-720 6,0-18,0
AP-10000Э 10000 300-1200 9,0-36,0
AP-16000Э 16000 300-1800 9,0-54,0
АР-600 вакуумные 600 50 10 1
АР-800 800 50 16
АР-1000 1000 50 16
АР-2000 2000 65 30
АР-2500 2500 70 30

It is possible to design and manufacture the device with custom characteristics upon client’s request.