Galvanic rectifier



Rectifier is designed for supplying electrolysis baths according to 12-pulse bridge circuit of current rectification.


All rectifiers are equipped with high quality thyristors of in-house design and manufacture.

Types of cooling:

  • natural air
  • forced air
  • water



  • high efficiency
  • availability of smooth and accurate current and voltage adjustment
  • minor effect to mains

Microprocessor control system:

  • smooth current presetting with required its value increase and decrease rate;
  • rectifying current stabilization within preset limits;
  • monitoring of inverter units and components functioning with provision of the required blocking ;
  • cooling system control;
  • input switch remote control;
  • transformer branch lines switching control in manual and automatic modes;
  • isolators control at inverter out;
  • keep a register of warning messages;
  • keep a register of emergency messages;
  • keep record of schedules of five analogue datum, minimum;
  • remote control possibility with duplication of all functions available in local control mode;
  • recording of ampere-hours and power consumed;
  • availability of regulated and control signals transfer to APCS external system vide protocol Profinet or Profibus;
  • inverter protection and blocking during emergency, equipment or instruments fail, variation of adjusted parameters beyond the allowed values, during load circuit break.
  • Automatic re-engagement during accidental inverter cut-off.

Complement set:

  • Transformer
  • Rectifier
  • Overload protection device
  • Remote control panel (optional)
  • Cooling system (optional)
  • Filter-compensating device (optional)



Supply source voltage , V 6000
Source voltage variations, % +10 / -5
Source frequency, Hz 50
Source frequency oscillations, % +/- 0.5
Voltage of auxiliary AC source 380 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
Auxiliary source voltage oscillations, % +/- 10