Auxiliary converters for rolling stock

High voltage static converters with power rated from 10 kW up to 250kW for auxiliary power supply of all types of rolling stock:

  • electric trains
  • passenger stock
  • traction equipment
  • underground railway stock

Main benefits:

  • Microprocessor control and self-diagnostic system
  • Modular construction enables quick repair and ease of operation
  • Non-availability of idling losses increases the coefficient of the device performance.




Output power, kW from  10 to 250
Input voltage of DC overhead system, kV 1.65 ; 3.3
Input voltage of AC overhead system, kV 15 ; 25
Quantity of output channels 2 to 6
Upper maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С plus 60
Lower maximum value of the temperature in the course of operation, °С minus 50
Upper value of the relative air humidity at temperature +25 °С, % 98