Reversible converters with 4000 and 5600kW power for AC electric locomotives

Reversible converters of VIU series are used to convert overhead system AC power into DC power required to feed traction electric motors. VIU-5600 is applied to electric locomotives VL 65, EP1М, EP1P. VIU-4000М is applied to electric locomotives VL 80R, VL80M, 2ES5K, 3ES5K. VIU-4000-2M with axle-by-axle rod adjustment is designed for 4ES5К – the most powerful electric locomotive in the world.

Converter is used to ensure:

  • 12% significant increase of electric locomotive resource due to non-contact control regulation;
  • Locomotive traction Increased no less than 12%;;
  • Saving up to 15% of electric power consumed by th eelectric locomotive.



 Parameters VIU-4000М


Rated output active power, kW 4000 5600
Rated output voltage, V 1400 1400
Continuous output current, А 1900 2800
Additional data
Coefficient of performance (design), minimum 0.98 0.98
Weight, maximum, kg 1050 1050
Upper maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С plus 60  plus 60
Lower maximum value of the temperature in the course of operation, °С minus 50 minus 50