Scientific Collaboration

During decades  TET-ESTEL works in close connection with several scientific organisations and institutions.


We’ve actively participated  number of worldwide famous projects, such as:


  • 1976 Nuclear studies institute (Russia)

    Supply-line convertor design and development to adjust energy overload in plasma formation process (Tokamak)


  • 1985-1990 CERN Scientific centre (Swiss)

    Specific technical characteristics rectifier for Big Hadron Collider


  • 2000-2003 Karlsruhe Technology institute (Germany)

    Unique 25 MWt SMES-modulator for clistron control


  • 2011 DLTECH Institute in Charle (Swiss)

    Power supply for gas-electrical discharge formation


  • 2013 Lund University, Nuclear Physics Studies Institute (Sweden)

    Participation in Nuclear particles accelerator project


  • 2013 Estonian innovations institute / Pera Technology

    12 500 А rectifier for new aluminium scrap utilisation experimental line


We offer our premises, intellectual and manufacturing base for all of the most perspective and cutting edge scientific and electrotechnical projects.