Another project in Belarus

For many years, TET Estel has been successfully working with machine-building and metal-processing enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. TET Estel main customers are the largest enterprises of the industry, such as MAZ – Belavtomaz holding management company, MTZ-HOLDING, Tsvetmet and others.

Despite difficult situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and economy problems, Belarussian enterprises continue their work and implement investment programs related to modernization of their production. TET Estel won the tender for the supply of an automated complex of induction Heater Unit (Induction heating installation UIN-1600-1.0) for bars’ heating for JSC Heavy Forging Plant (KZTSH), Zhodino, Republic of Belarus.

This complex is designed for induction heating of bar stocks with the subsequent production of steel forgings by hot molding for flanges’ production.

The project opens up new opportunities for the factory and allows to increase its productivity and competitiveness in the market.

Currently, all the components of induction Heater Unit are being manufactured, then factory acceptance tests will be carried out, after which the equipment will be shipped to the customer.

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