Rectifying device with 3600kW power for diesel locomotives

Traction alternator rectifying device of VUTG series is used to convert AC voltage of diesel-generator into six independently adjustable DC voltages for separate power supply of the DC traction electric motor of diesel locomotive.

The given device enables electrical braking of the diesel locomotive, whose braking process control is provided by microprocessor control system. In response to microprocessor control system all six traction electric motors are changed over into generator operating mode.
Provision is also made for emergency mode, when converter operates as uncontrolled diode rectifier that allows to continue motion up to the nearest repair area.

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Rated output active power, kW 3600
Rated output voltage, V 507
Continuous output current, А 1100
Additional data
Coefficient of performance, minimum 0,98
Weight, maximum, kg 840
Upper maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С + 60
Lower maximum value of the temperature in the course of operation, °С - 50


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