Rectifiers of series V-MPED for traction substations of the urban transport

Rectifier is designed to convert commercial frequency AC into DC at traction substations of the urban transport.

Design features:

In standard execution the rectifier is assembled according to 12-pulse current rectification circuit formed by subsequent connection of two bridges. The rectifier can be also assembled according to 6-pulse rectifier circuit:

  • as a bridge
  • as «two reverse stars with current-balancing reactor»

Quantity of the diodes can be n+1 that allows to maintain serviceability, if one diode provided with the fuse fails.

Protection and diagnostic system:

  • The rectifier is equipped with overheat protection system, door and safety locks, button of high voltage emergency stop switch.
  • Protection and diagnostic system is controlled by microprocessor on the basis of the industrial controller manufactured by ESTEL, with the use of display that enables to provide visual and remote monitoring of the rectifier and converter unit state on the whole.
  • Connection of rectifier controller with upper level system (central control station) is carried out through a multiple Iine:
    — for logic signals by “dry” contact signals
    — for analog signals (voltage and current) by standard signals 0 to 10 V (4 to 20 mA), and through the interface RS232 (RS485) with the use of MODBUS data communications protocol.

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Operating conditions:

Upper maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С +45
Lower maximum value of the ambient temperature, °С -25
Upper value of the relative air humidity at +25°С, % 98
Altitude above sea level, m 1400
Output parameters      
Rated active power, kW 800 1300 2000
Rated voltage, V 660
Rated current, А 1250 2000 3000
Overload current relative to rated value and allowable overloads time, s 125% — 7200 sec, 2 times a day
150% — 300 sec, 1 time per 30 min
200% — 60 sec, 1 time per 30 min
Input parameters      
Rated voltage, V 6000; 10 000
Rated frequency of the supply voltage, Hz 50; 60
Auxiliary  power supply voltage (DC), V 220; 3 х 380
Cooling air, natural
Power factor (design), minimum 0,94
Coefficient of performance (design), minimum 0,98
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm 1000 х 2200 х 600 1200 х 2200 х 800 1800 х 2200 х 800
Weight, maximum, kg 200 400 600


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